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Who we are.

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Darlene K. Mutalemwa

Has an education background in the areas of business economics and development  ( BA, MSc (LSE)  and PhD obtained in the UK )  and is a full-time Senior Lecturer and Researcher and Consultant   at  Mzumbe University, Dar-es-Salaam Campus College since 2010. For the last 20 years, Darlene has worked intensively in the fields of Small and Medium Enterprise  development, development policy, private sector development, diaspora and national development, development aid and HR development.


Darlene has also published over twenty  publications in various fields of her work. Her contribution in Tanzanian  youth development as the  founder/ coordinator of  a  free/sponsorship driven  soft and life skills training dubbed Graduate Sales Bootcamp has been recognized by The Africa List the invitation only community created by the UK government and also the Eisenhower Fellowships (USA), a non-profit organisation gathering outstanding global leaders. 


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Gary Roberts

A photojournalist and writer who covers conservation and social issues worldwide. His educational background includes BSc Zoology at Leeds University and an MSc at The University of Manchester in International development poverty, conflict and reconstruction.

He studied and later taught photojournalism at Speos Photographic institute. His  work has involved numerous conservation and social justice groups including The Fairtrade foundation, Oxfam, ABRU Animal Behaviour Research Unit, SOS Lynx, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, TANAPA, and APOPO. 


The subject of his MSc thesis was 

'How the conservation and developmental aims of Saadani National Park in Tanzania can be reconciled with the effects on the local community stakeholders to avoid conflict'.


Lauren Swart 

Gets her qualifications from life; I am a

Tai Chi Facilitator, a NLP Trained Life Coach, a Lifeline Councillor and Board Member of SANA. I have a survived a violent attack and learnt enough through that to help others; listening to hear and take action.


 I have travelled extensively backpacking for up to 5 years, enjoyed running marathons and ultra marathons like the ‘Two Oceans’ in Cape Town climbed both the Kilimanjaro and Annapurna Mountains. I am South African who has lived in Tanzania for just on 10 years and now moving to the UK for 5 years.

 I am very passionate about creating healthy communities, seeking activities that lend themselves to people finding meaning, I am constantly seeking solutions to prejudice. and always looking for ways to make positive shifts

 Travel and the understanding of people are my passion. 

Costantin Coucoulis 

Founding Chair of SANA. Studied Economics in Greece. Costas has dedicated his time, conservation knowledge and community development skills to the communities around Saadani National Park since 2001. In 2016 he was selected to be a board member of the Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania based on his enourmous contribution to conservation efforts in Tanzania.


He also participates in conservation activities conducted by numerous other organisations addressing similar issues. He has also been instrumental in bringing together experts and government organisations to discuss conservation issues occuring in Tanzania. 

Yusuph Masanja

The ClimateForce ambassador to Tanzania whose recent voyage to the Arctic circle with Sir Robert Swan inspires climate awareness and action across the globe. His previous roles at Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots, Nipe Fagio, Arigatou Foundation, and Global Compassion expanded his experience in multiple domains ranging from environmental conservation to community organizing, peacebuilding, and children’s rights. 


Yusuph currently serves as the co-facilitator and coordinator at the Goldin Institute promoting grassroots partnerships for global change. Like his work experience, his educational background converges from a mix of multimedia and management studies.  


Yusuph is a student of life who graduated from the Association of Business Executives, Media One School of Digital Production, Goldin Institute, and Bigger Picture Academy.


Maggy Frias

Has decades long history of commitment to social and environmental issues. She has been an early-on member of AIDS awareness movement in the Names Project in San Francisco, California, and a lifelong advocate of ocean conservation, working with organizations such as the Blue Frontier Campaign. Her commitment to the natural and the social environments has been the driving force behind her professional and personal development. 

Having traveled through Southern and Eastern Africa, Maggy witnessed firsthand the suffering that social inequity has wrought. And after trekking these regions she was struck with a new love and appreciation for its wild inhabitants, especially for the beauty and tenuous survival of its elephants. 

Through 27 years of experience with non-profits and charitable organizations, she has been deeply involved with all facets of giving and fundraising. She also has over twenty years of experience in business and administrative management. She studied executive fundraising at Boston University and studied marketing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. 

Born and raised in the American North West, she makes her home in San Francisco, although Tanzania is never far from her heart. Maggy is a surfer, sailor and a custodian of sea and savannah. 

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