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Saving Africa's Nature. Working, with you, to restore the environment and wildlife with the local community.

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Saving Africa’s Nature (SANA) in Tanzania is a nongovernmental organization registered in 2008 with a focus on promoting local communities participation in Conservation. SANA works with the local community developing sustainable solutions that protect biodiversity while improving livelihoods. SANA’s mission is to restore the ecological balance of the Gongo forest which shelters the endangered Kikwati Wildlife Corridor by reducing the impact of human activities.

You can help us in our aims today.

By donating or volunteering you can help us with our work and ensure these vital habitats are protected for the wildlife and communities for years to come.

View our ongoing projects:

Tree nursey at Terraformation restore the ecological balance of the Gongo forest working with SANA.
SANA has a major tree replanting project.
Hippo in Wami river part of the Kikwati wildlife corridor being restored by SANA
The restoration of the Kikwati Wildlife Corridor
With the support of Terraformation- SANA started the first phase of the Gongo Forest Restoration Project which seeks to reforest 50 acres of the Gongo Forest
SANA Works with the local community.
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